VR making new Fitness world

Technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in the fitness world. Although technology is making people lazy, on the other hand, it is giving us a better way to get in shape by removing the boredom through Virtual Reality. So, here we come with a topic of VR fitness which is a hot topic in the fitness industry these days. Now the question arises is Can we achieve fitness goals through Virtual Reality? Let’s see how.

Get rid of monotony of GYM

A gym is terribly a tiresome place. Riding a stationary bike and running on the treadmill is probably the most boring workout. Staring at walls and ignoring neighbors full of sweating burning calories is unavoidable even with a pair of headphones and a TV screen. Lack of motivational environment leads us to skip our workout routines. Fortunately, VR technology is inspiring us and providing a way to stay fit.

Abolish psychological barriers to fitness

Sustaining the routine of workouts at the gym is the hardest part these days. In contrary, playing games are becoming so addictive. VR combines both, creating a workout environment that you would always want to keep going on. Enjoyment is the solution to remove the sticky barrier of skipping a workout in your head. Keeping yourself in the exciting moment while sitting on the stable bike is the key element to keep you fit and motivates you to redo the exercise for the next day.

Reinvent Fitness

Transformation of your uniform routine to an exciting day starts with the renovation of your daily workout. This can be achieved by transforming the machine into a GAME. Virtual Reality can convert an exercise machine into a giant game controller. Wear your VR device, connect your phone to it and start riding the stationary bike or running on the treadmill, makes you feel like running or riding in a new environment and become a player of a game. This is how VR headsets and gadgets seem the most promising when it comes to making people forget they’re exercising.

Exploring VR’s huge potential

VR technology is still in its early acquiring phase. However, VR’s vision is full of possibilities in direction of its development. Along with the changes in the entertainment industry, VR keeps changing and increasing the scope of other fields. A new way of seeing the world with VR shows its potential. At last but not least, “It’s never too late to be healthy, Use VR to become go-getter”.

How VR works in the achievement of fitness goals?

  • When you feel that you are in another world, then it makes exciting to explore the new world and you forgot that you are doing a workout.
  • Use VR as a gaming device and with the increasing score, you will be motivated to gain more score and burn more calories.
  • There can be various environments in VR games through which you can go in your dream world. Environments like outer space(Galaxies, our solar system), natural environments(Mountains, Deserts, Plains, Jungle, Flying in the sky, Undersea), a playground, and many more.
  • Drive yourself into a new world is more enjoying than a routine workout in the gym. So, it helps in encouraging to lose more weight and gain more score while competing with your friends at the gym.

Limitations of VR in fitness zone

It’s true that “not all the shiny things are gold”. Despite having a lot of benefits, VR has some limitations too, which will definitely overcome in near future.

Coming to drawbacks in using VR for fitness are:

  • Too expensive to install setup for many persons.
  • After wearing out the HMD, sudden movement can cause motion sickness
  • Wearing the device for a long time cause sweating and become unsanitary.
  • Headsets are too bulky to wear all the time.