App Mechanic does all the possible means in order for you to start up the new game interface you will be planning. This makes game development a more captivating function to use. We have services that will not only match the game preferences you have but will also take you to the comfort of having it. We make sure that you are given the right kind of services that will fasten the game building that you have as well as the quality of the game. We make sure that each of the services will make your game development building success.

Unity Apps Development

Unity is useful and suitable game engine for making AR apps with Vuforia, ARkit and ARCore. If you want to create a game on mobile, Unity is an amazing game engine to use. In terms of 2D and 3D modeling of the game, this game engine sets the job done through the efficiency and easy function it has in creating a game. Clients will be amazed with the result of the finished game due to the excellent features of Unity.

Unreal Engine Development

We have created many simulations & POC using Unreal EngineĀ  for various fields like Medicals, Game industries, Educations etc. It is preferred by those clients who are looking for high quality graphics for his PC based apps. This engine is high in demand with HTC Vive and Oculus Quest. This game engine has blueprints in order to create games fastly and can use C++ for creating custom modules.

VR Apps Development

Virtual reality also provides a game interaction between the game and the player. Thus, a more captivating game experience will be achieved in using virtual reality. We have excellent experience in making VR apps for various headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Quests, Samsung GearVR, and Google cardboard.

AR Apps Development

After the success of Pokemon Go this technology has become very popular in demonstrating virtual objects on real world. We have even made various AR apps using ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia etc for our clients for the demonstration and learning purposes. This gives a good insight to the end users.

Mobile Games App Development

Every industry now a days wants to promote its product through gamification. They are attracting their customers by making games (2D or 3D) in order to educate themselves with the company products. For those, we are creating games using Unity and Unreal Engines and with new technologies like AR.

PC Software Development

We develop standalone software for various industries like healthcare and energy sectors for them to demonstrate their end users. These software are highly useful for providing wide range of information to the end users and thus, these are used in classroom, workshop and industrial courses.