Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has a great impact in all the fields because of its vulnerable features which add layers of digital information in the physical environment. Unlike, the virtual reality does not change the surroundings but only imposes the components of the product like graphics, sounds, videos, 3D objects in the real environment. The Augmented Reality games also follow the same process and are built using Unreal and Unity Technologies.

There are many Augmented Reality apps published by our company which is built on client requirements for their business. For instance, Tideway App is a Marker-based AR app that demonstrates the tunnel boring machine model and explores the tunnel construction work being done underneath the ground. The tideway facilitates the client to view the Tunnel Boring model image key from the Tunnel Work AR poster in 3D visual. The client can also hide or show information as per their requirement.

AR Work Portfolio:

Augmented Reality app development requires tools like Vuforia AR SDK, ARKit, ARCore, etc for demonstration. These applications are built using Unity which supports both Android and IOS mobile app development. Augmented Reality has been used in different fields like medical training, retail, repair and maintenance, design and modeling, business logistics, education, and many more.  

What are the benefits of the Augmented Reality Application?

  • No additional device required apps can be accessed using Smartphones or Tablets.
  • More Customer engagement provides which makes their experience memorable. For example, shopping online by trying clothes using AR technology.
  • Great scope in education, medical and retail business as AR technology will provide digital demonstrations of concepts for more clear learning.