App Mechanic was founded in October 2016 along with the aim of catering high-quality end results in the gaming industry and specializing in both mobile and web solutions related to game development. Paving the way with skill and innovation, we are able to meet the challenges head on to offer our clients with an industry standard game art and development. With a passion and dedication to serving our clients, we already provide over 20 resources for the game development project, which includes Unreal Engine Developers, Artists, Animators and much more.


Why Choose App Mechanic?

Skilled Team

We are equipped with a team who believe that games must improve the creativity and skill of the user. It does not matter if we are dealing with standard games or those full of action games, what matters to us is on building an experience the user or gamer can remember. Every member of the team is well experienced, well versed at the same time acquired many years of working on lots of successful games.

Achievement and dedication direct us through change and we believe that a game is merely a product after being released.


Experienced & Reliable

App Mechanic conceptualize, develop and provide progressive software along with the huge mass market appeal. Along with ever-changing fan base, we have become a recognized brand in the casual game space.

We also believe that in building games, which will obtain a hardcore and long lasting crowd. This is why we want to take excellent care to incorporate support models, which make sense at the same time enable sustainable development. We make sure to offer our players along with free upgrades and expansions, along with domestic items at extra costs to support the game as a new product.

Values our Clients

The company also appreciate our fans and we promise that we will always be here to support you as well. App Mechanic strives to maintain our fans informed regarding the latest updates and news in order to continue their interest and attention piqued. Apart from that, we know that support and encouragement from you are the only power, which keeps us running, which inspires and motivates us to keep making and developing innovative games.

You can be one of us!

If you are fascinated about developing the next generation of games, knows how we can enhance current games and want to get involved in our active projects, feel free to phone us. We can at all times make use of some designers, artists, and programmers.