Different Video Game Genres used for making GAMES

It is very exciting to know that the digital world is developing at a tremendous rate; the Gaming industry is also catching the market at equal speed.  In fact, gaming industries are making millions in video games and have great scope for turning this figure into a trillion-dollar business. How is this happening? The answer is entertainment level which is increasing day-by-day with new innovation and creativity knocking doors of game lovers. In this article, we will be drawing attention towards the different video game genres and their specifications to understand the game industry in depth.

Games are being played on mobile phones, computers, play stations and much more gaming hardware for AR/VR high tech games are available in the market. The genres give them categories that make people understand what kind of game it is. People not from this gaming industry, this article is for them to get an insight into the gaming world. The most popular abbreviations used in industry are FPS, RTS, MOBA, RPG, MMO, and MMORPG.

Video Game Genres

What these abbreviations actually mean and how are they different from each other? Let’s find out

FPS (First Person Shooting):

As the name suggests, action games are always the best choice for gamers and FPS games provide the most astonishing three- dimensional (3D) environments with focus made by weapons. The entire combat is made imaging the weapon being used by the player in the real-time world. FPS games provide a single-person perspective which means, what the player can see in the real-world holding a weapon is what the character can see on screen.  

Call of Duty is an iconic game in this category which has millions of game lovers.

 RTS (Real-Time Strategy):

These games involve controlling massive movements and area marking by which the player defeats the opponent.  Multiple units can be produced within the game to make buildings, military, agricultural land, and many other things.  Resource finding and conserving is an important role in these games. For instance, a player can make their gold mills and control it for making money within the game. Further, can be used for making military or building or population units, which can be helpful in the future for defeating their opponent.  RTS games require a strategic approach while playing games and complexity increases as a player moves to a higher level.

Age of Empires is the all-time favorite game in this zone, the best game in the RTS category.

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

MOBA games are also called A-RTS games as it involves action real-time strategy.  These games have teams in which one character is the player to be a pupil. The pupil being one character in a team where other players are also playing will defeat the computer entities and other teams. Player has full control over the allotted character and performance which keeps on updating with the passing mission or level.  Here strategy means team collaboration and play map to succeed. These games are played with multiple players that join online while you start any mission. Various roles exist in MOBA games like Support team members, in which players only help the main lead to defeat the opponent. The lead role, where others support the player in defeating the target with the support of other team players.

Example of MOBA game is League of Legends, players are provided with specific roles that they control throughout the game. 

RPG (Role Playing Game)

These games are designed emphasizing on character-based story fantasy. The player will have complete control over the character and will play in an imaginary environment. This environment is based on character and will be entirely different from real-world situations. Fiction based games are the best example of an RPG where one role-based character completes missions which are part of a story narrated by the game developer. Games are mostly built-in 3D projection with a storyline.  The agenda of these games are mostly to complete the series and reaching the conclusion of the storyline. It also includes short film videos in-game to link what’s next coming in the series.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s success proves the demand for RPG games and its popularity among gamers.

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

The massive audience is engaged at the same time playing together over a similar server. MMO provides an open network where thousands of players participate in one game through the internet.  The players need a network supportive device like Mobile, Tablet and Computers which have game consoles available. In this genre, players get a chance to coordinate with other participants from different zones. MMO’s can be RTS, FPS or RPG based games build in diverse fields like sports, action, storyline, mystery, racing and many more.  These games are for gamers who like the live audience as their competitor.

World of Tank is one of the most prominent games in the MMO category.

MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games)

MMORPG is a deadly combination of MMO’s and RPG’s games. Massive players with defined roles come together to collaborate in a virtual world of gaming. Players interact with other players building communities that benefit them to complete the game. Even if the player is offline, the virtual world exists and other players play their part. These games are very persistent and mostly cover action fiction, science fiction, strategy storyline, crime and sorcery as their theme for fantasy.  

There are many MMORPG communities that have their own rules, slangs and cultures which they develop depending on their collaboration with players of similar interest.

Albion Online is a perfect game that falls under MMORPG category where players have full freedom to do what they want and decide their moves and groups.

Conclusion: These games are mostly building using Gaming Engines like Unity Engine 4 and Unreal Engine which provide a high tech virtual environment to all the games. With growing demands for more complex gaming environments using 3D Unity game development software are changing the experience of the users. However, Unreal engine mobile games are also booming the industry with the eir high tech graphics which have improved the quality of visuals.  Gaming has a lot of scopes to experiment with new things and many companies are investing millions in this sector.