October 15, 2018

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Reality is used to make the simulated environment and does not use interface, although make the environment around the user. VR made the user experience the world of imagination by living it through Virtual Reality tools like HMD( head-mounted display). However, now the user can see the 3D objects instead of a screen view.

VR has been getting involved in all the sections of the business like medical, architecture, military and many more. This helped the segments to under depth by becoming part of that environment. VR software work with VR Hardware to provide the user a 3D visual environment and it has three simulations which translate the world user experience. This includes non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully-immersive.

We being a Virtual reality app development company have developed a plethora of projects in VR with tremendous success in the real world. For instance, VR walk counter, it is a very interesting project build in VR. It turns to be in best companion while running over the treadmill as the user can now play a game by wearing VR device. The game is you need to collect the bananas while running and it keeps on updating as the level go up. This application is built in Unity and Gear VR.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?

  • Realistic scenarios
  • Better user experience with an enjoyable journey
  • Best used for training as remembering is easy when the user see visually
  • Not require which equipment can we used remotely