Unity3D App Development

Unity3D is a boom for the game app development company that provides abundant options to build games. This development tool allows building 3D and 2D unity games for multi-platforms. Unity helps in building an Augmented Reality application as it’s the need of the hour in this fast-paced digital world. The outcome of games programmed in Unity will astonish the clients as it has a huge asset of features. It is amazing to see the blend of Unity in 3D modeling, as it is the best 3D modeling software for games. 

Our project Solar View is a great success that was built with ARCore and ARKit. We created the project from scratch which involves 3D modeling and mobile application development. This application is built for IOS and Android both platforms along with its WebGL version. The amazing features of this project is identifying the surface and show augmented reality solar products for customer experience. Solar panels on roofs, solar electrical equipment on walls and invertors and solar trees, the solar canopy are part of this project. This big equipment detects the ground and provides a visual image of the product that the customer wishes to install. 

We have many projects like solar views which have made business more customer-friendly as augmented reality is the future of our digital world. Many more projects with different concepts are under progress in Unity.  We have provided Unity game development services to many global clients for updating their systems with augmented reality applications.

Why use Unity? Which games can we make using Unity?

  • Perfect for Mini games and Mobile game development
  • Cost-effective and multi-platform functionality
  • Appropriate game engine for making Augmented Reality app development with Vuforia, ARKit, and ARCore
  • Powerful features and modeling tools for 2D and 3D modeling of games