November 27, 2017


App Mechanic does all the possible means in order for you to start up the new game interface you will be planning. This makes game development a more captivating function to use. We have services that will not only match the game preferences you have but will also take you to the comfort of having it. We make sure that you are given the right kind of services that will fasten the game building that you have as well as the quality of the game. We make sure that each of the services will make your game development building success.

Unreal Game Engine

We have right skilled UE4 developers who are having vast industry experiences. We have created many Proof of Concepts for our clients in various fields like Medicals, Game industries, Educations etc. Unreal Engine is preferred by those clients who are looking for high quality graphics for his PC based apps. This engine is very useful and high in demand with HTC Vive and Oculus rift. This game engine has blueprints in order to create games fastly.

Unity3D Game Development

Unity is an amazing game engine to use if someone wants to create a mobile game app. In terms of 2D and 3D modelling of the game, this game engine sets the job done through the efficiency and easy function it has bin creating a game. Clients get amazed with the result of the finished game due to the excellent features of Unity. We have an efficient team of Unity developers who are much capable of making high-end games.

Virtual Reality Apps

The use of virtual reality will provide an extensive concept arts and design. A game requires an authentic design and virtual reality makes it more engaging. This also provides game models that are essential in game development. Virtual reality also provides a game interaction between the game and the player. Thus, a more captivating game experience will be achieved in using virtual reality.

Augmented Reality Apps

The concept of Augmented Reality is booming these days after the success of PokeMon Go. Users are more inclined towards this technique these days as we can access it using our mobile phones. This technology also got boosted after the announcement of ARKit and ARCore. We are specializing in dealing with such projects with various AR SDKs like ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Kudan, Wikitude etc.

3D Modelling & Texturing

We deal with 3D Modelling and Texturing work projects which are used in games, AR and VR apps. These models are made by taking proper specifications and information about where to use. On the basis of that we decide to have their polycounts and size. These models are created by skilled team who are highly creative and have keen interests on this field.

Data Visualization

Everyone wants to present his/her data in a more efficient ways in order to make it understand to the end-users. Therefore, these data are data in the form of VR and AR apps. We do proper planning of presenting such data for our clients by diagrams, pictures, 3D Models etc.

App Mechanic makes sure that a wide range of satisfaction is given most of the time. Rest assured of an amazing and fast service to be delivered to you.