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Game Apps Development

Every industry now a days wants to promote its product through gamification. They are attracting their customers by making games (2D or 3D) in order to educate themselves with the company products. For those, we are creating games using Unity and Unreal Engines and with new technologies like AR.

VR Apps Development

The use of virtual reality will provide an extensive concept arts and design. A game requires an authentic design and virtual reality makes it more engaging. Virtual reality also provides a game interaction between the game and the player. Thus, a more captivating game experience will be achieved in using virtual reality.

AR Apps Development

After the success of Pokemon Go this technology has become very popular in demonstrating virtual objects on real world. We have even made various AR apps using ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia etc for our clients for the demonstration and learning purposes. This gives a good insight to the end users.


Who We Are

App Mechanic was founded in October 2016 along with the aim of catering high-quality end results in the gaming industry and specializing in both mobile and web solutions related to game development. Paving the way with skill and innovation, we are able to meet the challenges head on to offer our clients with an industry standard game art and development. With a passion and dedication to serving our clients, we already provide over 20 resources for the game development project, which includes Unreal Engine Developers, Artists, Animators and much more.

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